Ch Hilsman's Hollywood Mac Daddy "Brody" Ch Shann's Goodtime in Hollywood b&w Ch Robobull Fablehaft Xcelsior b&w Ch Compatabull's Ready to Rumble b Ch Karendon's Joyau de France b
Compatabull's Kishniga Nicole
Ch Xclusive de Ia Parure b Unic de Ia Parure
Umbara de Ia Parure
Ch Shann's Goodtime Celeste f Ch Cox's Goodtime at Shann's f Ch Cox's Goodtime Polar Bear c
Ch Ebene de Chauve-Souris b&w
Ch Shann's Pudgybull Faye Ch Spicewood's Mr. Bojangles b&w
Ch Pudgybull's M&M of Goodtime c
Ch Hilsman Sands Chloe' c Ch Sands Over the Top Ch Chessman Caught in a Briarpatch BIS BISS Ch C&D'sLaBoss mon Buntin c
Ch C&D's Chloe
Heyday Mi Be'be Toutou Curly K's Adrenalize
Di's Heyday Creme Puff Aimee
Hilsman Sands Heaven Sent Ch Vi Du Lac Starhaven's Dante B Ch Kishiga's Benvenuto B
Ch Vi Du Lac Starhaven's Angel
Ch Hilsman's Tupelo Honey C Ch Bandog's Beetlejuice
Ch Kobi's Queen of the Nile