Thank you for your interest in our puppies. This questionnaire is designed to help us all understand a bit about each other. Please read this carefully.

We believe you should be very careful when purchasing a French Bulldog. We breed only occasionally and not for profit. We generally have a short list of qualified future owners well before puppies are born and will rarely have puppies at the moment you contact us.

We believe we are the type of breeder you should be seeking out – breeders who are not in the business of selling Frenchies for profit. If you are seriously interested in getting a puppy from us you are going to have to be patient. If you do fill out our questionnaire and we can’t help you, we have a few friends around the country who are French Bulldog Club of America members who we will refer you to if they have a puppy to place.

If you think it might be okay to buy a dog over the internet or from a pet store have a look here, this is what is supported by people who buy dogs without careful thought and research:

Have a look at the serious health problems that can result from unethical breeding and the costs associated with rescuing these poor dogs when owners can no longer afford their care. We support French Bulldog rescue and hope you will do the same:

What do our puppies cost?

An average price for a French bulldog is $3500+/-. Though this is a large sum of money, breeding these dogs correctly is a very expensive undertaking and our average litter is less than three puppies. They are artificially inseminated and require a c-section to deliver their pups. We also employ a full time “handler” who shows our dogs. We have never had a “profitable” year breeding dogs and have no intention of ever turning a profit. In addition to the initial cost of a puppy, you also should anticipate that even a well-bred healthy puppy can incur expensive veterinary bills.

We wish to assist in placing puppies in loving homes. We will not have more than a few puppies to place, but we promise to keep you informed of how things are progressing. We understand that the following questions are personal; however, we feel they are necessary to secure the best homes for our puppies.

If you do take the time to fill out our questionnaire we will do our best to respond within a few days.

We hope to hear from you, and thank you for you interest.