Group Placing Ch Hilsman's Mini Me "Mimi" Ch Hilsman's Hot Chocolate Ch Stephlyn's Ring of Fire b&w (Fabio's brother) Ch Stephlyn's Wild Wild West c BIS BISS Ch Blazin's Ironside of Perry NRW c
Ch Shadetree Stephlyn Getn Jiggy W'it c
Exemplr Punch it Margaret b&w Ch Monroe s Re-Marc-A-Bull Matt b
Exemplr Addicted to Love w&b
Hilsman's Full of Grace w&b Ch McBeth's Total Justice w&b Ch Akira de Ia Parure b&w
Ch McBeth's Sweet as Taffee! w&b
Hilsman's Savoy Truffle b&w Ch Jaguar's Don't Mez With Tex Jamel w&b
Hilsman's Cat's Meow b&w
Ch Hilsman Sands Chloe' c Ch Sands Over the Top Ch Chessman Caught in a Briarpatch BISCh C and D's LaBoss Man Buntin c
Ch C and D's Chloe
Heyday Mi Be'be'Toutou Curly K's Adrenalize
Di's Heyday Creme Puff Aimee
Hilsman's Sands Heaven Sent Ch Vi Du Lac Starhaven's Dante b Ch Kishniga's Benvenuto b
Ch Vi Du Lac Starhaven's Angel
Ch Hilsman's Tupelo Honey CH BANDOG'S BEETLEJUICE (C)